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Easter (1 of 1)

Classic Easter Style {Eyelet Lace + Splash of Pink}

Happy Easter, a little late perhaps, but I still wanted to share with you our Easter fun.  This year I was just too busy to think about sewing Easter dresses.  This was the first year that I had bought Easter dresses and I really wanted to go with something simple and classic.We have several adorable […]

Liberty of London and seersucker style diy

Liberty + Seersucker Spring Style

Recently I have been seeing so many beautiful items made with Liberty of London fabric.  Everytime I see some beautiful project made with Liberty I just melt.  The patterns are so packed with vibrant color and timeless floral prints that always have a modern edge.  Not to mention how soft and dreamy the fabric itself […]


Starflower Quilt Block Tutorial

This is a great quilt block pattern for your next quilt!  It’s very easy. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: This recipe will give you 2 – 12.5 inch quilt blocks! -8 solid color squares  (I used light pink) 3.5″ x 3.5″ -8 solid color squares (I used light pink)  4″ x 4″ -16 Colorful patterned squares (8 colors, […]

Sewing Inspiration

Valentines Day Outfit with Organic Strawberry Leggings and a Patchwork Heart T-shirt. Made by Coral & Co. (14 of 14)

Strawberry Leggings and Knot Headband for Valentines

What do you want for Valentines Day?  Strawberries of course!!! Ok, so we are past Valentines Day but I love these strawberries so much and the photo’s were already shot so of course I had to show! Yay, for knot headbands.  Paired with the strawberries it gives Ava a little more of a girly look […]

Shabby Chic Betty Skirt by Coral and Co.

The Shabby Chic Betty Skirt

What happens when vintage style meets lovely florals?  The Shabby Chic Betty Skirt. Early in the fall you might have seen the Betty Skirt tour happening in blogland.   The Shaffer Sisters  were lovely enough to invite me on their tour but I totally dropped the ball due to my own personal issues and although […]

More Tutorials


Serging with Cuddle Minky

When a friend of mine called me last week to ask how in the world she was supposed to get minky to behave in the serger, she reminded the Cuddle Minky has a different set of rules in the serger then in the sewing machine.  I like to think of minky as having the properties […]


Simple Duvet Cover Tutorial

   How to Sew a DUVET COVER What you’ll need: ~For a TWIN (72×90 in.) duvet you’ll need  10 Yards of fabric.  5 yards for the front and 5 for the back.  You’ll have to trim 8 inches off of each side.  You’ll see what i mean….. ~For a FULL or QUEEN (88×90 in.)  you’ll need […]


Minky Toddler + Crib Sheet Tutorial

Everybody loves Minky, especially in the winter to keep nice and warm!  I am sharing a Minky Crib + Toddler Sheet tutorial today.  I started this tutorial over a year ago and never shared it (I have no idea why), but I thought it was still be fun!  I prefer to sew minky with a zig […]