How to Sew Satin Blanket Binding {Tutorial}

Today’s tutorial is not just how to sew Satin Blanket Binding but also how to make my very favorite kind of flannel receiving blanket.

Flannel is awesome.  It doesn’t wrinkle as much as regular quilting cottons, it is super soft, a natural fiber, and just awesome.  Oh yeah, I said that.  And adding Satin Blanket Binding makes it super awesome!  And super chic.  So win-win.


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Did I mention that my almost 4 year old still carries around her blanket?  Yes, its because the satin edge.  There is something so soothing about satin to both babies and toddlers.  Plus I love the pop of color it adds!


So here’s the tutorial:


You can find blanket binding at Joann’s or online at Amazon* (which has great prices and even has free shipping!).


blanket-binding-corner-tutorial-coral-and-coMake sure to really tuck the inside fold all the way down to the crease.  I also look on the underside to make sure that the corner folds are lined up on both top and bottom so I don’t miss one of them when I zig zag stitch the corner.  I also like to pin a lot, and take them out slowly as I sew near them.  It just helps me to keep everything in place.  Repeat for the remaining 3 sides, stopping at the last corner.


Going down the sides  I use a wide zig zag stitch with a medium to long stitch length (between 3 and 5).  For the corners I narrow the stitch length to .05 or 1.  I also like to back stitch on a straight stitch setting to lock it in place.  I cut the threads after each corner and start again down the side.  You can also just pivot it and sew back down the corner to the inside, but I like how it looks just going over the corner once.  Repeat for the rest of the blanket until the last corner.


There are other ways to finish blanket binding and other bindings, but I like how quickly this finishes up with no math or measuring involved!  Be sure to cut just to the side of the stitches and not on the stitches :)  I also lock stitch here with a straight stitch to secure in place.


And there you have it!  A quick and easy baby shower gift that is classic yet chic.

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